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“Four Square” by Charlotte Soliven

When did I start falling behind My life, a game of 4 square I must have not been paying attention When did they started adding all these new rules I was completely oblivious Everyone ran along the lines While another person with the ball chases us Like a weird version of Pac-Man I am tagged […]

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“Deer” by Iris Dickerson

In new woods, deer come as new life, growth, but blood looming. For you, deer, may have swift eyes, but what of your hooves? Because you must run, swift as the wind, but can’t hide. DEER is of the cold night, but hope of golden morning. The clang of a mishappen bullet, the cry of […]

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A person with horn-rimmed glasses, short bangs, and dark hair with light blue ends makes a soft smile with their head tilted slightly to the right.

A Conversation with Clara Olivo, WITS Writer-in-Residence

This month, we’re sharing stories woven with heart and light from our Youth Programs community. Today, WITS Writer-in-Residence Clara Olivo shares their teaching practice, how they inspire and impart wisdom on youth, and what artists need to thrive in Seattle.  Tell us about yourself as a writer. What are you writing and working on? That’s […]

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“I Am Many” by Jessica Chamberlain

My brain is orange juice in a Klein Bottle. My sloppy thoughts go around in circles, but the journey is smooth. My legs are the wings of a bird. Taking chances and leading with purpose Even flying on occasion My hands are vines. Always moving and accomplishing and holding But sometimes it becomes too much […]

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“Their Name” by Ratticus Cofer

Their Name Once upon a time their name was annoying and fake. Maddie was a coward, she was an outcast, a mistake. She trusted people blindly, as a result she was contorted. And who is she to blame except herself for the exploited. But now you call them Ratticus, a kid lost in abyss. They’re […]

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“praise poem” by DJ Sawyer

praise poem   i praise my street smarts. i praise the ability to tell right from wrong and knowing when to do the wrong things for the right reasons. i praise my book smarts. i praise my ability to form eloquent sentences with a metaphor and a simile that has everyone confused. i praise my […]

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“The Wizard of Bygone Boulevard” by Jo Chick and “Arizonia Phoenixen” by Michael Anthony Xavier Lewin, Jr.

“The Wizard of Bygone Boulevard” by Jo Chick Bygone boulevard was by no means a lively place, considering its inhabitants consisted of geriatric witches and wizards. For most of Bygone’s residents, existence was exasperating. The new world of technology ferociously and ravenously destroyed the prior meanings and values one would live for, that of magic. […]

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“A Spark of Hope” by Rae Brumbaugh

Through a deep night shines a spark of hope like a wasp without a stinger like a blinding rip in the needles of the air no one sees this hope or maybe they’re just too tired to care It flickers through the floodwater It could light a flame It could burn down all of the […]

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“The Coolness of the Glass” by Ainslee Workman

From here I see nothing There is nothing here There is not sky, or soft curling clouds There is no place where the sand becomes sea From here I hear nothing There is not gentle conversation There is no snapping of branches What a thing to be To be standing at a window and seeing […]

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“a recipe for steaming almost-dragon” by Diane Sun

every few centuries, when the carp gathered at the base of the 龙门 lóngmén in thunderclouds, riled with legend and youth, we waded into the brinks of the waterfall and waited. that night we would feast upon 清蒸龙 qīngzhēng lóng. 1. check for freshness its scales should be taut – a bowstring still drawn long […]

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