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“Time is Funny and Sad” by Hafsa Muse

Time is how flowers grow slow.
Time is how flowers die fast.
Time is a fox that used to be a cat.
Time is the past that used to be the future.
Time used to be a clock.
Time is a frog dancing on a cat.
Time is like a leaf blowing off a tree.
Time is a duck that did a backflip.
Time is a sea that has waves.
Time is a book that was read fast.
Time is the life that everyone has.



This poem was written by Hafsa Muse, as a 4th grader at Dearborn Park Elementary School with WITS writer-in-residence Samar Abulhassan. Performed at the SAL Presents event with Kristin Hannah on Tuesday, February 6th, at Benaroya Hall.

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