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“The Coolness of the Glass” by Ainslee Workman

From here I see nothing There is nothing here There is not sky, or soft curling clouds There is no place where the sand becomes sea From here I hear nothing There is not gentle conversation There is no snapping of branches What a thing to be To be standing at a window and seeing […]

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“a recipe for steaming almost-dragon” by Diane Sun

every few centuries, when the carp gathered at the base of the 龙门 lóngmén in thunderclouds, riled with legend and youth, we waded into the brinks of the waterfall and waited. that night we would feast upon 清蒸龙 qīngzhēng lóng. 1. check for freshness its scales should be taut – a bowstring still drawn long […]

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“Ideas in the Clouds” by WITS Student Flavia Sethy

Ideas in the Clouds Take me home ………what is that can we start ……….do we ever Why do you fly, not walk ……….Why do you walk, not fly Who are you ……….Who are you Why is the sky beautiful ……….is anything Give me an answer ……….are there answers Are we there yet ……….are we ever […]

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“Freedom Poem” by WITS Student Kai Ogata

Freedom tastes like a hearty soup, Warming the esophagus and stomach, Potatoes and herbs, soft beef, Freedom is a sour lemonade, The sugar sunk to the bottom, Crunchy ice, that good kind, Freedom tastes like fro-yo, Nilla wafers, popping boba, Gummy bear toppings, Freedom sounds like laughter, Not those forced ones, the ones with a […]

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“Jen Wave” by WITS Student Markarius Paine

It was a cold and wet evening on January 5 just outside of downtown Seattle. There was an amazing baby being born on South Main Street in a small brick apartment building. In unit number 5, there was a small cry and a curious meow and at 5:47 that evening, Jen Aronian Wave was born. […]

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“Song I’ll Sing” by WITS Student Elisa Pérez

If you want … I will sing. If not … I will hum. If you’re sad, I’ll give you a beat. A song I’ll sing is my dream. It is something that belongs to me. It’s loud, even with no sound. It’s quiet when it’s loud. I don’t care if you don’t listen but this […]

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“Poem” by WITS Student Aisha Muse

There’s a poem in this place a poem stronger than a steel cup a poem that races through your mind faster than a modern car There’s a poem in this place a poem so calm it feels like you’re sailing on the sea There’s a poem in this place a poem so wild it sounds like a rock […]

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“The Two Americas” by WITS Student Thewdros Shibeshi

For anyone who has been paying attention, There are indeed two Americas: There’s an America that’s a world of white racial resentment Where the Confederate flag proudly flies, Where monuments to traitors are to be revered, Where protesting racial injustice is an intolerable act of aggression, Where the words “Black Lives Matter” are considered words […]

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“Self-Portrait Poem” by WITS Student Miyabi Schorn

i have a body small and impatient, and feet that can jump, arms that can climb, fingers that can type, a head that can nod, my brown eyes that can see, and a great big imagination. Miyabi Schorn wrote this poem while a student at Lafayette Elementary School with WITS Writer-in-Residence Karen Finneyfrock. Miyabi read […]

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