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“The Sea,” by WITS Student Annabelle Bachhuber

The Sea I kept deep-sea secrets in a little black bag. I carried boats through the toughest storms. I asked the fish where the shark lived. I was rough but calm. I was tired. I knew when the storm would come. I tried to keep the boats away with waterspouts. I tried to keep the […]

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“The Hymnal,” by WITS Student Lily Trinneer

The Hymnal I am the hymnal and I have heard prayers. You call them prayers, I call them hopes Of a mother who drank away her youth. I call them music of a man with smoke in his lungs And magic in his hands I catch the tears of the desperate, I hear the skepticism […]

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“I Used To,” by WITS Student Joseph Hairston

I Used To I used to worry about my life: what will make me finally draw that smile, what makes me chase the dreams. But as soon as I hit high school, things weren’t as they seem. I sit and I kick rocks, try to do what my bible tells me to do, but I […]

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“My Blankie,” by WITS Student Daniella Edwards

  Daniella Edwards wrote this comic while a student at McClure Middle School in 2014-15, with WITS Writer-in-Residence Greg Stump. She read it to open for Alison Bechdel, the first presenter in SAL’s Women You Need to Know series.

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“Light,” by WITS Student Jaeden Caldwell

Light My mind is like a light bulb getting switched on and off. When I get turned on my mind explodes with ideas, all filling my brain with different things to do, write, play. It is a magical thing, a feeling that can’t be compared with any other, my thoughts lighting up as if there […]

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“Silent,” by WITS Student Elena DeMaria

Silent The buzz of cyan, teal, turquoise against my eyelids so different, yet so alike Whoosh, I’m gone A shadow of a man needing redevelopment The A-frame taking a spot in my shell of a self then falling away as a spirit the walls close, inward but I am not claustrophobic I am one with […]

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