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Faces of WITS: Arlene Naganawa

The ability to express oneself clearly, with strength and beauty, is essential to creating change. With each classroom visit, our WITS Writers-in-Residence—working with students across public schools in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region—provide new tools, perspectives, and attention to students to help them develop and express these lifelong literacy skills. WITS Writers also […]

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“the ones left behind,” by Iris Worrall

the ones left behind i am the rocks you gathered and stuffed in your pocket the bubbles that escaped your mouth as you sunk to the bottom i am the faces they made when your body was dredged up from the lake the newspapers that told of your death bubbles escaped your mouth when you […]

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“Ocean Radish”: Collaborative Poetry with Samar Abulhassan & Sierra Nelson

At the beginning of Washington State’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, WITS Writers-in-Residence Samar Abulhassan and Sierra Nelson began sending letters to one another, filled with their daily observations and feelings during the pandemic. Their correspondence sparked “Ocean Radish,” this collaborative writing project which we are delighted to share with you today, followed by more […]

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“To the Moon” by Stella Hoffman Logan

We’re pleased to share a poem from one of our Writers in the Schools students to celebrate the “Buck Moon” or “Thunder Moon” that will accompany the Lunar Eclipse on the evening of July 4 (or the wee hours of July 5). Stella Hoffman Logan wrote this poem, “To the Moon,” as a 4th grader […]

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“To Who I Think: I Want These Things to Stop,” by Ebenezer Tewolde

Although we couldn’t share a reading from our Writers in the Schools student to open our 2019/20 Literary Arts Series event with Carol Anderson, we’re pleased to be able to share the poem “To Who I Think: I Want These Things to Stop” by Ebenezer Tewolde, a 5th grader at Leschi Elementary School, written with WITS […]

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Hand holds a mason jar with a lid on it up to the setting sun

“My Wishes,” by Rey Manjarrez

My Wishes I wish I had my new heart and could leave the hospital. I wish all my friends would not be sick or hurt or bullied or punched. I wish I didn’t have what I have right now. I wish no animals would get hurt. I wish no one would do crimes or heists […]

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“Convolution,” by Charlotte Calero

Convolution Graphite stains my fingertips. From time spent drawing when I should be thinking. How could I, though? When deep purple stares from beneath my eyes. Time is spent drawing when I should be thinking. Doodles of people, with perfect hair and perfect smiles. Deep purple stares from beneath my eyes. I wish I was […]

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An Interview with WITS Duo John McCartney and Arianne True

By Gabriela Denise Frank Poetry tills the soil of our hearts. By till, I mean cultivate. By cultivate, I mean poetry works the earth of our humanity. By work, I mean it disturbs the fallow routines of everyday life. Poetry breaks the crust of habit. It loosens old roots, amends the spirit with language, imagery, […]

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To My Students: ‘Hope’ is the Thing With Feathers

Joel Jacobson is a teacher at Nathan Hale High School who participates in our Writers in the Schools program—but not only does he work with WITS: he actually was a WITS student himself as a high schooler, at the very same school, with Writer-in-Residence Charles Mudede. He still can point to the pages in the […]

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Kids Summer Book Bingo: A Book You Read When You Were Younger

Kids Summer Book Bingo is Seattle Arts & Lectures’ free summer reading program for kids and young adults ages 0-17—and it’s here early this year! Download your bingo card here, then spend now through September 8th reading for your chance to win fabulous prizes! Our Writers in the Schools (WITS) program is held together by […]

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