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“Unsolicited Advice to People Who are Going through the Same Thing” by Lovely Pierre

Unsolicited Advice to People Who are Going through the Same Thing, After Jeanann Verlee

When your best friend forces you to do things,
Say, “No.”

When you best friend starts bullying you,
Do not take it as a joke.

“We’re over” and
Walk away.

When you finally learn how to Nae-Nae and it’s 2015,
Do it everyday.

When you go to your grandma’s house,
Do not take that for granted,
Do not spend your time watching T.V.

When she hugs you,
Do not let go,
Do not push her off.

When people push you around,
Do not stay silent,
Do not shrug it off.

When people say, “You’ve changed,”
Take it as a compliment.
Set the roof on fire.
Check the way you set yourself.

When people say, “Are you African?”
Laugh and ask, “Are you?”

When you best friend forces you to do things,
Say, “No.”

When your parents ask, “How was your day?”
Stop and tell them everything,
This may be their last day.

When you discover your grandma has cancer,
Kiss her,
Then spend every minute with her.

When you need a break,
Hug yourself,
Then go back to spending time with her.

When you and your brother are growing apart,
Do not give up.

Your relationship is as precious as
expensive jewels.

When you watch yourself fade from him,
Do not hold back tears.
Cry your heart out.

You are a believer in Christ.
He is with you.
This is the time to ask for help.

When you’re annoying little sister needs a hug,
Do not refuse,
Do not say leave me alone.
She is one of the best things to happen to you.
Treasure her.

When your neighbor is coming at you sideways,
Come at her the same way.
Tell her something she won’t forget.

When you feel like God can’t forgive you,
Grab the Bible.

When you need advice,
Grab your phone and call someone that you trust.

When your grandma is dying,
Read the Bible with her,
Talk to her,
Tell her what she means to you.

This is your day.
This is her day.

Do not doubt God.
Do not lose your voice.
Do not become shy.

When your best friend forces you to do things,
Say, “No.”

You are beautiful.
You are amazing.
And negative, bad people have no place here.

Keep your head up,
Slay, and
Stay classy.

Lovely Pierre wrote this poem while she was a student at Washington Middle School, with WITS Writer Nikkita Oliver. Performed at the Seattle Arts & Lectures 2016/17 Poetry Series with Rachel Zucker on November 14th, 2016.

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