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“No Name! No Title! Just Real Life!” by WITS Student Zavye’ Rivers-Joseph

Here is to my Parents my two grandmothers too, who do so much for me in everything I do.
Here’s to my ancestors.
The ones before me
The ones who paved the way so I could be whoever or whatever I want to be.

Here is to my friends.
My BFF’s
My Ride or Dies
Friends Forever no matter where we are I’ll cherish the moments forever.

Here is to a mince without a defense.

Here is to the bottom of my heart where the sun makes light.

Here is to the people that promised but never delivered.

Here is to the kombucha without a luffa.

Here is to the lost people that can’t seem to be found.
There is still hope for you just look around.

Here is to the Grateful and Unbound; we’re all very blessed we all have minds that are still very sound.

Here is to the children within our generation; Always strive to be your very best, strive to be more never settle for less.

To the Mod without a God, I encourage you to try mine.He’s someone that you could learn to love, I promise you it won’t be a waste of time.

I hope this poem has encouraged you as much as it has for me this will not be the last thing that you’ll ever hear from me.

Zavye’ Rivers-Joseph wrote this poem while a student at Leschi Elementary School with WITS Writer-in-Residence Jeanine Walker. Zavye’ read the poem to open for Patrisse Cullors, who performed as part of the Ijeoma Oluo Presents: Our Existence Beyond Trauma Series on October 27, 2021.

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