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“Ode to King,” by Qes McCord

I have a dream- I have a dream that little black boys and girls will grow up to see their beauty. That they will understand that black is beautiful- That Black is not aggressive, and Black is not violent- black is not uneducated nor a hoodrat- black is not lazy or dirty- and black sure […]

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“Here’s to… (A Shout-out Poem),” by Delilah Gregory

Here’s to the best things to the lemon Hi-chews to the yellows and blues to the spring day to the weather today! to Tootsie Pops to tiny little shops to Ratatouille to Toy Story 3 to weird-looking bugs to colorful mugs to cookies and cream to pints of ice cream to the lights in the […]

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“The Me I Hold Inside My Heart,” by Eka Bhuyan

She is a goddess She is cool ranch Doritos and barbecue lays There is spice on her breath and a song on her lips She is bold Sharpie She’s got a heart of cheese and masala blood She is sugar and spice (but mostly spice) She’s got a cockroach soul: (the power to survive) Her […]

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“Ego Vibes,” by Nemo Trice

My light is so bright people can’t see it’s so fast that it could go down to the deepest depths of the ocean all the way to Japan your head is expanding like a balloon full of my words what I write comes to life I’m a force of nature that you chop down with […]

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“this spring,” by Aamina Mughal

you let spring make you lazy, it seeps like honey into your bones until they’re heavy and sinking like grand ships with holes in their hulls. spring makes ruins of you. you watch the sunrise over a still lake, a morning of soft pastel though you wished for water set ablaze and light that sang. […]

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“Ode to Loss,” by Ryan Thich

I forget your love hurts How others forget death To say these blurry motions of mines Aren’t of my heavy eyes, even I forget dreams exist at night It’s your starry eyes, blue skin Blue lips, still hair Still, I’m not ready to face you Cause just knowing you’re close Is enough to make my […]

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“Inheritance,” by Janae Lu

You ask me what I will inherit, You want the easy answer—the kind I would have given you as a child When the glass was half full and full of fairytales, 3D printed hearts, primordial forests, Cars made of sun, bodies on the moon. Back then, the possibilities were infinite. People fell in love over […]

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“Silence is a limb,” by Fatra Hussein

My limbs go loose. Digging deeper and deeper into the earth. As if they are searching for food. My blood seeps out. I wince at the wound. It’s been there since I learned how to talk. It kept me silent when they wronged me. My throat is dry. I search for water as if she […]

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“Dear Spanish,” by Mateo Acuña

Hello old friend. Have you stopped hiding from me? Have you stopped pretending that you’re listening just around the corner, is that why you touch me with silence? Or is it because two worlds are tearing me apart and I don’t have enough native blood in my mouth to bring you as sacrifice? You of […]

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