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“Words to Remember” by WITS Student Zia Agarwala

Remember to Read, To be in a different body, able to do anything, Remember to escape your worries, leaving your world behind you, Doing the impossible, Remember to fly through every dimension, having no limits, You can fight dragons, and do things you would never be able to do in your world of reality, Remember […]

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“Homeland,” by Daniel Flores

Homeland My family is from Nicaragua. Where the lush grass is green, and the exotic trees are like something from a Dr. Seuss book. The most interesting person in my family to me is my grandma, her accent is firm, sturdy. She holds her accent like a battle-axe ready at any time to go off […]

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“Remember,” by Kalea Anderson-Kriegler

Remember  Remember to pack. Remember to look out your telescope every day. Remember to tell your loved ones you’re leaving soon, until the final day comes. Remember to invite them to come to the rocket ship to say bye, and they will remember you, too. Then they will launch you into orbit and remember everything […]

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“Home and No Home,” by Draven Villwock-Taylor

Home and No Home There’s a person that can come home to a home with a light on the table and there’s someone that can come home to a home with a light on the balcony And there’s another person that can come home to a home with a chandelier on the ceiling but there’s […]

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WITS Student Aaliyah Sayre

“Falling Angel,” by WITS Student Aaliyah Sayre

Falling Angel  My father stands by my side listing rule after rule after rule. I roll my eyes and shun his words of caution as he straps on my wings. The wings are big and white. I secretly threaded a raven feather for luck. I look toward the blazing sun and spread my wings and […]

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