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“Constructed Caffeine” by WITS Student Jessica Phan

………………….. I like                to       drink coffee on sweet-illed mornings yet I don’t have an appetite   f        or time. ……… Both my  ears and   ey     e     s  feel as though they ………………………………………..a       re vacant and […]

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“A Poem of Silence” by WITS Student Saioa Ouyoumjian

Words. Everywhere and nowhere. Everything begins with them, a poem, a friendship, a thought. To have silence, is to have words. To have peace, is to have words. Floating around you unseen. You think then speak allowing the words to spring to life. Blossoming terrible or wonderful. Words dance around you being heard, being told. […]

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Spotlight on Mita Mahato—Seattle Artist!

Enormous appreciation to Mita Mahato, the talented Seattle-based artist who provided the artwork for the most recent WITS anthology, Gliding Between the Land of This and That!  Mahato is a multi-media artist working at the intersection of cut paper, collage, comix, and poetic experimentation. She is a career educator, a board member with Short Run Seattle, and currently is the Associate Curator […]

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Introductions: Lauren Groff

By Rebecca Hoogs, Interim Executive Director It is a great honor to begin our 2021/22 Literary Arts Series with Lauren Groff, and I am especially grateful to Lauren for joining us in-person and online tonight. We are here to celebrate the publication of her latest book, Matrix, which was just short-listed for the National Book […]

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There’s the Overthrow and There’s the Rebuild

This essay is part of a series in which Seattle Arts & Lectures partners with Poetry Northwest to present reflections on visiting writers from the SAL Poetry Series. On Friday, October 15, Kaveh Akbar read and discussed his work with Lena Khalaf Tuffaha at the Hugo House. This event is still available to attend online until October 22 […]

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Introductions: Kaveh Akbar

By Rebecca Hoogs, Interim Executive Director A couple of years ago, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha and I were talking about dream poets to bring to the Seattle Arts & Lectures’ Poetry Series, and Kaveh Akbar was one of those dreams. His first book, Calling a Wolf a Wolf, had just been published to great acclaim. Steph […]

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“Not Good at Grieving” by WITS Student Delilah Ivanek

i don’t think i’m good at grieving. not my dead friend, not the versions of me that i’ve grown out of, and especially not the life i had before. i’ve been sitting here for thirty seven minutes trying to write. my h key is broken and there are tears on my cheek and my back […]

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Introductions: Anthony Doerr

By Rebecca Hoogs, Interim Executive Director The last time Anthony Doerr spoke for Seattle Arts & Lectures was in the fall of 2015, just a few months after All the Light We Cannot See had won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. It was one of those nights that was so spectacular that I joked SAL […]

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