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“Deer” by Iris Dickerson

In new woods, deer come as new life, growth, but blood looming.
For you, deer, may have swift eyes, but what of your hooves?
Because you must run, swift as the wind, but can’t hide.

DEER is of the cold night,
but hope of golden morning.
The clang of a mishappen bullet,
the cry of a fallen bird,
feel your fear.

“Where?” They say as they fall in pursuit.
For you have grace in your leaps,
but your galloping heart shows truth.

In your eyes is terror, but bravery and sacrifice linger.
Wild fear, frozen in your eyes forever.
May you leap on elegantly in your golden morning.
Sorrow, for another night, another deer, will join you soon—
For your night is darker than a raven’s wing.

Iris Dickerson wrote this poem while a student at Lafayette Elementary, with WITS Writer-in-Residence Jay Thompson. Iris read this poem at our Encore event with Ann Patchett on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, at McCaw Hall. 

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