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“I Am Many” by Jessica Chamberlain

My brain is orange juice in a Klein Bottle.
My sloppy thoughts go around in circles, but the journey is smooth.

My legs are the wings of a bird.
Taking chances and leading with purpose
Even flying on occasion

My hands are vines.
Always moving and accomplishing and holding
But sometimes it becomes too much
And they drop
Not even vines can climb forever

My eyes are a sponge.
Soaking up information,
Dripping often.

My ears are foxes
Always alert and in awe
Of experience

My mouth is a secret.
Going on steadily until too much is said
Then wishing it was closed

My heart is a glass.
Half empty or half full?
I think I’d need two glasses for all the feeling inside


Jessica Chamberlain wrote this poem while a student at TOPS K-8, with WITS Writer-in-Residence Sara Brickman. Jessica read this poem at our SAL Presents event with Louise Penny on Monday, May 15, 2023, at Benaroya Hall. 

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