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“The Wizard of Bygone Boulevard” by Jo Chick and “Arizonia Phoenixen” by Michael Anthony Xavier Lewin, Jr.

“The Wizard of Bygone Boulevard” by Jo Chick

Bygone boulevard was by no means a lively place, considering its inhabitants consisted of geriatric witches and wizards. For most of Bygone’s residents, existence was exasperating. The new world of technology ferociously and ravenously destroyed the prior meanings and values one would live for, that of magic. The great wizards and witches of the era slowly became irrelevant as their craft became peripheral, and they became typical citizens like you and me.

Merlin Monroe was no different to the folk of Bygone boulevard, for he, too, was a retired great. Many have heard of Merlin, however, to escape from the public eye in 1706, he legally changed his last name to Monroe in an effort to blend in better and conceal his identity. At this time, Merlin was fixing himself a raw onion and ginger sandwich. He felt his smart phone vibrate in his pocket. Dropping the knife on the cutting board, he reached for his phone.

“SIMON MAGUS” showed up in big bold letters. Merlin’s strong suit was not in tech, to say the least. Fumbling with the device, he somehow managed to answer the phone. Simon was a fellow retired great. He had some religious ties back in the day, now he was purely atheist.

“Arizonia Phoenixen” by Michael Anthony Xavier Lewin, Jr. 

My name is Michael A.X. Lewin, Jr., and this is my origin
story . . .

I come from a planet called Arizonia Phoenixen,
where there are hot weathers and big deserts
kinda like Mars, but instead we have the best shooting stars.
We come together every year (On Earth they call it new year’s)
and celebrate with ( – Sy cona bit o – ) or beer.
I live with a family of five to six, including me—
we sing dance, play, eat, drink, and say,
“We are the Majestic Lewin’s the greats on the
temple ruins. We are unique,
and fluid with our words we speak.”
I love to draw or sketch all day,
and I love the breeze of the winds sway.

Some people on
my planet call me “communitavieo” or good with people.

I love the way
people can come to me and speak honestly about themselves

I love to see
others shine they are like light in the dark

These works by Jo Chick and Michael Anthony Xavier Lewin, Jr. were written during Writers in the Schools residencies at Washington Middle School, with WITS writers Cass Dyce and Brian Dang. They were read during Jason Reynolds’ Literary Arts Series event on Monday, March 13, at Town Hall Seattle.

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