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“This Bowl of Soup” by WITS Student Marcus Frantela

The times I smell the sweet and sourness of the broth
I know the night with be filled with joy.
The pork
so tender
Just slips off the bone
Like slipping into a fantasy of other worlds and imagination
Infused with the taste of the broth
It’s the kind of meat
just by thinking about it,
your mouth starts to water
and your head is filled with flavorful thoughts
It will fill up your mind
as does a dream of a fantastical world.
All the creativity in the world
built into this bowl of soup.
The vegetable
the perfect balance
The spinach and the sweet onions give this wonderful flavor
that adds so much it
Without them, it couldn’t be the same
There is always a need for balance
They are the counter
when there is light, there is dark
The perfect dishes have a story of opposites flavors
balancing each other out
This balance is from a faraway universe
locked in your taste buds
only able to travel there through the taste of the savory flavors
All the conflict in the world
built into this bowl of soup.

Marcus Frantela wrote this poem while a student at Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning with WITS Writer-in-Residence Matt Gano. Marcus read the poem to open our SAL Presents Series event with Michael Schur on March 4, 2022.

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