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“My Beautiful Legacy” by Sasha Koladycz Brown

I may not be perfect but I can bake.
I always try my best to understand people.
I want people around me to feel happy, safe and scared.
Because if you are never scared you do not care about yourself
or people around you. I can be strong in ways no one knows.
I can be strong as a metal pan. Able to run fast. My strength can be gentle.
I can be as strong as a spider web. Ready to pounce like a tiger.
I have unusual ideas like turning an egg carton into a jewelry box.
I have a secret talent: I can turn a tree into an hour’s worth of outside fun.
When I grow up I will work as a zoologist and my secret joys will be
sewing and writing books and poems!
One thing that represents where I come from is a beautiful goddess
with beads in her hair eating pierogies! (I am from Poland, Africa, and America.)
In 100 years people will say that I was a beautiful leader who will help and has a great history.

Sasha Koladycz Brown wrote this poem as part of WITS writer Jeanine Walker’s class at Leschi Elementary School. Performed on the digital stage at SAL & CD Forum’s Black Futures event with Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

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