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Play WITS Writing Bingo, A Fun New Writing Challenge!

Dreamed up by our WITS team as a way to keep students engaged with creative writing outside of schools, we’re excited to present our WITS Writing Bingo Board for today’s #SALMoment! We hope that WITS Writing Bingo is a fun way for you and your loved ones to stay writing and to keep making art during this time.

How does it work? Simply complete the writing challenge for each square, and share it with someone! Prompts include everything from acrostics, to comics, riddles, rituals, odes, and more. Although the challenges were created with younger writers in mind, adults are welcome to play along, too—sometimes, everyone needs a little push to activate their imaginations.

Download your WITS Writing Bingo Board here. For parents and educators encouraging the kids in their lives to play along, we also have certificates to hand out after certain WITS Writing Bingo milestones: completing their first square, for completing a bingo (five squares in a row), or a blackout (finishing the whole board)—you may download the certificates here.

Want to share your progress as you complete squares? Use the hashtag #SALMoment on social media to share your boards (or your original work!). Players with a bingo or a blackout are invited to share their board with to be entered into a drawing for a certificate to a local independent bookstore—there will be two drawings, one for adult entrants, and one for entrants ages 18 and under.

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