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“My Name,” by Chimamanda Danita Egboh


My name is Chimamanda Danita Egboh
My name means I am gifted.

She does not know what she is made up of.
She wants to be special like the others.

She sings in the church, but only when the others do, too.
She doesn’t realize her talent is hidden from everyone.

She knows there’s a special something roaming in her.
She wants the world to know what she is composed of.
She isn’t used to words like “can do this” or “talented”.

She is happiest when she can see others are proud of her singing.
She sees the way everyone moves to her voice.

Finally she knows she is gifted.
Finally, she has something she can call her own.
Finally, she has her own treasure.

Chimamanda Danita Egboh wrote “My Name” while she was an eighth grader at Washington Middle School, with WITS Writer Daemond Arrindell. With other WITS students, teachers, and writers, she will be on stage at our WITS Back-to-School Luncheon on October 2 to read her piece and discuss her experiences about being in the WITS program.

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