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“Full Moon,” by Josephine Jensen

Full Moon

My name is Full Moon but you could call me a cluster of matter ready to pop
I believe in protecting humanity, the Earth doesn’t
I am made up of my father, womanhood, Erykah Badu
I come from the sunshine on the surface of the lake, music leaking through the floorboards
My people are known for compassion, getting stuff done, connection to the Earth and music
Remember me
They think I am weaker than them, dumber than them
But the truth is I am the truth, I am grounded, I am strong
The radio in my head plays my father’s voice, funk and soul
And it sounds like TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF
My shadow looks like the full moon
When I’m sad, my heart sounds like all the fruit bats dying
But when I feel strong it sounds like all the women in the entire world singing together in perfect harmony
If I could sing myself a lullaby it would sound like my heartbeat, blood running through my veins
Remember me

WITS student Josephine Jensen wrote this poem while attending Washington Middle School. When we asked her what “taking care of yourself” means to her, she answered, “Taking care of myself looks like remembering to breathe and not taking things too seriously.”

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