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“A Poem in the Voice of the Wind,” by WITS Student Stella Anderson

A Poem in the Voice of the Wind

Like you, I can make the warmest of weather
into a sick, shivering mess.
Like you, I am angry, and whip at people’s hair
and clothes, though you only do it in your imagination.
Like you, I love to stir up the sand with my
fingertips, but when I do it, I am rash and
violent, like a small child.
Like you, I sleep during the summer.
I believe in the gulls.
Like you, I love the snow, to spiral the flakes
into tornadoes and tsunamis in the leaves
of an evergreen.

This wonderful poem for your weekend was written by Stella Anderson, a 7th grader at Blue Heron School, with Language Arts teacher Brett Navin and WITS Writer Laura Gamache.

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