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“Yes, My Skin,” by Hinari Denebo

Yes, My Skin Don’t like this poem because I’m telling you to But let me tell you a story about this girl Named Hinari Just ’cause I want to Came from Ethiopia when she was seven Was considered black As a girl she chose her way But as a Christian it was hard to say […]

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“To Whisk the Moon,” by Audrey Papineau

To Whisk the Moon To whisk, to whisk, to whisk the moon To fly, to soar, to light up the moon, whoosh! Tap! Rattle tap tap! The tree, the tree, the tree under the moon. Try everything! To soar, to soar, to soar in the light! To fly, to whisk, to make light, whoosh! Tap! […]

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WITS Voices: Writing Letters We May Never Send

By: Minh Nguyen, WITS Writer-in-Residence I teach high school juniors and seniors, and for one writing lesson, we focus on the epistolary format. I ask them to think of a person for whom they have very strong, likely mixed feelings, and to write a letter to them that is so honest they may not be […]

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Pathways to Writing for the Screen and Novel

By BreAnna Girdy, WITS Intern On Friday, March 30th, Laura Lippman and David Simon spoke to a crowd of over twenty students at Garfield High School as part of our Writers in the Schools program. With collective expertise in journalism, both Lippman and Simon offered a broad perspective into the writing world; they were able […]

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“Breaking Rules” by Stella Eley

Breaking Rules Do not litter unless you are in the middle of the desert and a giant army of camels with hammers is chasing you and the speed limit is at 5 percent. In this case you should go over the speed limit to at least 50 percent and you will drive away empty-handed. Do […]

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As All The Clocks Turn 10: Students write about the moment of the walkout

By Corinne Manning, WITS Writer-in-Residence I got to work with the students the day after the March for Our Lives School walkout. It was exciting to see news of Roosevelt High School on Twitter, and I went into class wondering what the students would need most. I wanted to provide them an opportunity to write […]

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WITS Voices: The Inspiration of Misuzu Kaneko

By Kathleen Flenniken, WITS Writer-in-Residence This fall, I’ve been teaching poetry to fourth graders at View Ridge Elementary in Seattle. Each week before I share the poem that will be our mentor text, I show my students a photograph of the poet and offer a few words about the poet’s concerns, life, and times. In […]

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WITS Voices: Enough with Maimed Dreams

By Evelin Garcia, WITS Writer-in-Residence The following poem made me reflect on the fact that if I did not take the challenge of teaching poetry with WITS, someone else would do it, and that although the challenge was great, I still did it. Enough with maimed dreams  On the road of life, transiting among others […]

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