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Category: View Ridge Elementary School

“Remember,” by Kalea Anderson-Kriegler

Remember  Remember to pack. Remember to look out your telescope every day. Remember to tell your loved ones you’re leaving soon, until the final day comes. Remember to invite them to come to the rocket ship to say bye, and they will remember you, too. Then they will launch you into orbit and remember everything […]

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WITS Voices: The Persona Poem and Fourth Graders

By Kathleen Flenniken, WITS Writer-in-Residence One of the most important attributes of art, and especially poetry, is the way it opens a door into another person’s life experience. A poem—a mere few lines sometimes—can create a more empathetic reader for life. My fourth grade students at View Ridge Elementary had the chance to “pretend” to […]

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“Paris, Le Canal Saint-Martin,” by WITS Student Graeme Richards

Paris, Le Canal Saint-Martin Dark and silver clouds rule the sky over the dark winter city. The black bare trees reach for nothing and the murky water under the rusty iron bridge has no inhabitants. The streets have no wanderers and through the dark windows letting in the so-little sun into the dark rooms like […]

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“The Sea,” by WITS Student Annabelle Bachhuber

The Sea I kept deep-sea secrets in a little black bag. I carried boats through the toughest storms. I asked the fish where the shark lived. I was rough but calm. I was tired. I knew when the storm would come. I tried to keep the boats away with waterspouts. I tried to keep the […]

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“Silent,” by WITS Student Elena DeMaria

Silent The buzz of cyan, teal, turquoise against my eyelids so different, yet so alike Whoosh, I’m gone A shadow of a man needing redevelopment The A-frame taking a spot in my shell of a self then falling away as a spirit the walls close, inward but I am not claustrophobic I am one with […]

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