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Poetry Series opener Ada Limón visiting Roosevelt High School

Writing Advice from Ada Limón

By Alison Stagner, SAL Events Coordinator & Sonder Editor When SAL’s luminous 2016/17 Poetry Series opener Ada Limón visited Roosevelt High School last Thursday, there was a surprising moment in the classroom. Asked about the writing exercises she uses in her own classes, Ada described a technique she ordinarily practices with much younger children: a group effort poem, composed aloud, […]

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“A Few Blades of Grass” by Zainab Al-Bahadli

  A Few Blades Of Grass I was born to a seaglass house Softened by the rough edges of the sea, Chipped and clouded though it was I was born. Upon my birth I shattered it Gripping a dagger and a forget-me-not. I was born in a well Filled to the brim with gold paint […]

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Introductions: Ann Patchett

On September 19 at Benaroya Hall, international bestseller Ann Patchett spoke of the life-changing process of writing about her own family in her new novel, Commonwealth. SAL Executive Director Ruth Dickey introduced and interviewed Ann for this event, which opened SAL’s 2016/17 Literary Arts Series. By Ruth Dickey, SAL Executive Director I first fell in love with Ann […]

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Henry Smith

“Books” by Henry Smith

Books Go inside a book. That would be my way. Let someone be a perfect person that never gets in trouble. The letters pour off my pages trickling into my head. Inside is a mystery slowly unfolding. Inside is what my imagination feeds on.

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glassybaby: Seattle Sunset

SAL By Candlelight: Announcing a glassybaby Partnership

What are those vibrant SAL-red candles illuminating the stage at Benaroya Hall this season? Meet ‘Seattle Sunset’. SAL is excited to announce that, beginning in September, glassybaby is sharing 10% of its ‘Seattle Sunset’ proceeds in support of our Writers in the Schools Program. These candles will be lighting our stage with a festive glow all […]

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Book Club Spotlight: North & West Seattle

On a ship bound for the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634, religious renegade Anne Hutchinson founded what might count as the very first American book club: a group of English women, disgruntled at being shut out of discussions, met to analyze the weekly sermons. In the centuries since, book clubs have been vehicles for many kinds of concerns; but always, they are efforts to […]

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Book Bingo header

Book Bingo: An Illustrated Board

Summer Book Bingo is a partnership with The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Arts & Lectures to provide free summer reading fun for adults. This summer, participants read a total of 8717 books, and we received a whopping 248 blackout cards and 227 bingo cards. Although it’s officially ended, be sure to swing by your […]

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5 Questions: Peyton Mann, WITS Intern

Somehow, well before September 22nd, Seattle always lets you know that summer has come to an abrupt end (that is, if it ever started to begin with). This has left many SAL staffers with a familiar, lingering guilt: our summer reading lists metamorphose into suspiciously similar-looking fall reading lists, we recount couch-time that should have been sun-time, and some of us even sadly begin our knitting projects. None […]

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Book Bingo: The Tropical Edition

Summer Book Bingo is a partnership with The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Arts & Lectures to provide free summer reading fun for adults. When your neighborhood library closes tonight, Bingo officially ends—so be sure to drop off your completed board for your last chance to win fabulous prizes! In this guest post from Lynne K. Varner, […]

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Camp WITS: 2016 Audio Collection

Need a soundtrack for your Labor Day weekend? Four weeks ago, eight teens gathered at the Garfield Teen Life Center‘s recording studio to give us these emphatically–and sometimes collaboratively–performed poems. Written during their time at Camp WITS under the mentorship of WITS Writers Nikkita Oliver and Daemond Arrindell, they grapple with the vastness of identity, responsibility, and adulthood; […]

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