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“Truth” by WITS Student Suhayb Ismail

My name is truth … but you could call me right on my ancestors’ history, because being right is telling stories with meaning… Remember me.    I believe in equality for my brother’s children … I am built from glass which reflects truth and shatters with lies… Remember me.   I come from strength that my African ancestors have shown in true times of peril … My […]

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“Peace” by WITS Student Gwyneth Febus

Peace and I met at 2 in the morning with my head hanging out the window to catch snow on my tongue He was so cold and refreshing and new He breathed out white clouds And the light of the moon reflecting on his skin So I vowed to make him my friend Peace and […]

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“Dancing is My Passion” by WITS Student Ivy Lorca

Dancing is you with me floating on the sea with the sunshine on your face like you’re on stage with the lights on finding your way back but you can’t leave Dancing is like poetry: the song never ends Poetry is like the beat of the music when you dance like an echo of a […]

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When the Years are Gone: On “Playlist for the Apocalypse” by Rita Dove

This essay is part of a series in which Seattle Arts & Lectures partners with Poetry Northwest to present reflections on visiting writers from the SAL Poetry Series. On Friday, December 3, Rita Dove will read and discuss her work with Anastacia-Reneé at an online-only event. This event is available to attend online until December […]

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“28 Days Gone” by WITS Student Ian Bridges

Everything around us is taken for granted, from the Sun to the Moon to the very wind at our backs. It is with us so often, we don’t think of it as essential or vital Just… there. When it is taken from your life, you notice it. You crave it, you hunger for it, like […]

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“Constructed Caffeine” by WITS Student Jessica Phan

………………….. I like                to       drink coffee on sweet-illed mornings yet I don’t have an appetite   f        or time. ……… Both my  ears and   ey     e     s  feel as though they ………………………………………..a       re vacant and […]

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“A Poem of Silence” by WITS Student Saioa Ouyoumjian

Words. Everywhere and nowhere. Everything begins with them, a poem, a friendship, a thought. To have silence, is to have words. To have peace, is to have words. Floating around you unseen. You think then speak allowing the words to spring to life. Blossoming terrible or wonderful. Words dance around you being heard, being told. […]

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There’s the Overthrow and There’s the Rebuild

This essay is part of a series in which Seattle Arts & Lectures partners with Poetry Northwest to present reflections on visiting writers from the SAL Poetry Series. On Friday, October 15, Kaveh Akbar read and discussed his work with Lena Khalaf Tuffaha at the Hugo House. This event is still available to attend online until October 22 […]

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