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Liz Keenan is in a grassy field with a golden Labrador and a black Labrador

Faces of SAL: Liz Keenan

We are so fortunate to have a team of volunteers that give their time and skills to SAL. Liz Keenan is one such volunteer, and she has helped out in the SAL office for the past year; and, when we had to close the office due to COVID-19 and work from home, Liz was ready […]

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2020 Summer Book Bingo: Mentioned in Another Book

Our volunteers love to read and play Summer Book Bingo, our free summer reading program with The Seattle Public Library, as much as we do! Download your card here. Engage with other bingo players and find out their own reading adventures by using the hashtag #BookBingoNW2020 on social media. Mary Kay Feather has volunteered for SAL for over […]

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Sally smiles, wears a white coat and Robert smiles with his arms around Sally, wearing a white hat and coat

Faces of SAL: Sally Roberts & Richard Broad

If you’ve been to a SAL event, then you’ve seen couple Sally and Richard. Do you need a program? They always have one in hand. Need help finding a seat? They will search for you. Have a question for the speaker? They’ll make sure it gets to the stage. For many years now, it’s been […]

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A woman stands in front of a lake, her arm propped on a railing. She's smiling into the camera.

Faces of SAL: Lynn Dissinger

We’ve enjoyed Lynn Dissinger’s warm presence at our events so much! A SAL volunteer, she’s helped us out at many events over the course of the year, so we’re excited to feature her in this new edition of Faces of SAL, our on-going series about the volunteers, staffers, and other behind-the-scenes folks you should know […]

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Cali Kopczick stands in front of a colorful geometric display, one hand propped under her face, which is smiling. She's wearing a mustard yellow sweater and a chunky necklace.

Faces of SAL: Cali Kopczick

Cali Kopczick does it all: from house management to box office sales, you can spot her working at most of our events this season, so it’s high time we introduced her to you! As you’ll learn, Cali trains her cat, keeps all genres on rotation—see her picks for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction below—and one of […]

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Lindy West, hair braided and wearing a red ribbed sweater, stands at a podium, with both hands powerfully placed upon it. Dramatic light shines down onto her as she speaks into a microphone.

A WITS Student Reflects on Lindy West

By Akshaya Ajith, SAL Volunteer Even before the stage lights dimmed, the room was filled to the brim with pure excitement. There was not a shuffle or a cough, just a silent blanket of anticipation for the stage door to open and hearts to be filled. It was a kind of fierce joy that illuminated […]

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Natalie Howard is in her living room, holding her cat with one arm--her cat, a tabby, is wearing a miniature Vietnamese leaf hat.

Faces of SAL: Natalie Howard

SAL Box Office whiz Natalie Howard has been helping out over the past year—have you spotted her handing out tickets? We’re super excited to feature her in Faces of SAL, our on-going series about the volunteers, staffers, and other behind-the-scenes folks you should know about. Below, Natalie shares with us the experience that drew her […]

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Bianca Glinskas stands on a cliff amid a sunrise, mountains in the background. She's leaning against a rock, small in the frame of the photo.

Faces of SAL: Bianca Glinskas

We are so grateful for the many volunteers who make our world go round at the SAL headquarters. Bianca Glinskas is one such volunteer, and not only does she help out in the office—she also writes for our blog! Check out her recent pieces on poet Mary Ruefle here and here. To see what’s inspired […]

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Ragini Gupta stands against a very tall bookcase, smiling.

Welcome, Ragini Gupta, WITS Intern!

We’re giving a warm welcome to Ragini Gupta of the University of Washington, who recently joined the SAL team this fall as a Writers in the Schools intern. We’re so grateful to have such a talented creative writer on board—learn a little bit more about Ragini’s passions below. Welcome, Ragini! Tell us a little bit […]

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Summer Book Bingo: The Many Reasons to Play

by Kate Jones, Summer Intern   Another wonderful summer has come and gone, and I’m looking at my finished Summer Book Bingo board, trying to articulate why I love this experience so much. I’m no Book Bingo veteran—this is only my second card—but I’m starting to boil it down to a few reasons, reasons that […]

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