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Faces of SAL: Lynn Dissinger

We’ve enjoyed Lynn Dissinger’s warm presence at our events so much! A SAL volunteer, she’s helped us out at many events over the course of the year, so we’re excited to feature her in this new edition of Faces of SAL, our on-going series about the volunteers, staffers, and other behind-the-scenes folks you should know about.

Below, learn about Lynn’s most recent read (inspired by the Nordic Lights Film Festival at SIFF), and how her hidden talent emerges at times like the COVID-19 outbreak . . .

What’s your favorite SAL event so far, and why? 

My favorite events have been those featuring authors that I wasn’t overly familiar with and might have missed otherwise.  Malcolm Gladwell tops that list. Not only did his take on the world and our interaction with each other resonate, but he was also very entertaining.

Why did you decide to volunteer with SAL?

Being an avid reader, I would review the list of SAL speakers featured each year and identify a few I’d like to attend. Too often, though, events sold out before I got around to buying a ticket. When I retired and began considering volunteer opportunities, I noticed a call for volunteers at SAL and thought that would be a way to ensure I didn’t miss these great events! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the staff and fellow volunteers.

What are you reading right now?

I’ve just started Deep River by Karl Arthur Marlantes. After seeing a Finnish film at the Nordic Lights Film Festival put on by the National Nordic Museum, a fellow film buff recommended this epic story of immigrants from Finland who settled in the logging community in southwestern Washington in the early twentieth century.

What’s your hidden talent?

Wow—this is a tough question! I’d say my hidden talent is trying to find humor in even the most trying situations. I’m writing this at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Puget Sound, and rather than stressing about the Purell I can’t find anywhere, I shopped for other “essentials”—wine and Girl Scout cookies!

Thank you, Lynn!

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