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Chimamanda Danita Egboh laughs backstage at Benaroya Hall. Her hair is in braids, and she's wearing a blue and white striped cardigan.

“I Am From,” by Chimamanda Danita Egboh

I am from Nigeria, the western part of Africa From the sandy roads and hot sunny days I’m from delicious egusi soup with pounded yam, jollof red, fried rice with chicken and my favorite African salad, all simmering in the very dim lit kitchen the only light, a kerosene lantern I’m from cultural dances and […]

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How to be Patti Smith: A Guide in 10 Steps

Listen—we can’t all be a rocker, a genius lyricist, a Bohemian New Yorker, a style icon, and an award-winning author. That particular blend of legendary is reserved for Patti Smith, and we on the SAL staff are just her acolytes. So if you, too, find it impossible to achieve even “Step 1” on this how-to […]

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“My Names,” by My’Ana Inez Cooper

My Names the last name is my dad. white. a dog full of unconditional love. me as well. crooked teeth, not common but common enough to know how to say and spell like you know me. cooper. my middle name is through my veins. my mom’s veins and her mom’s veins and her mom’s. Inez, […]

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Brandi Carlile to Make a Special Guest Appearance at Pete Souza!

Did you know American folk rock singer Brandi Carlile and former Obama White House photographer Pete Souza are good pals? Well, they are, and we’re delighted to announce that Brandi Carlile will be making a special guest appearance at our upcoming event with Pete Souza on Sunday, November 11, at Benaroya Hall—she’ll even perform a couple songs! Tickets are […]

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Bushwick and SAL: Art Inspiring Art for a Fourth Season

By Wes Weddell, Associate Director of The Bushwick Book Club If my friend Phil hadn’t secured it for his (wonderful) Now See Hear project first, the tagline I’d want for The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is only three words: Music. Art. Repeat.  Heading into its ninth season, Bushwick stages events where a bill of 8-12 […]

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“Yes, My Skin,” by Hinari Denebo

Yes, My Skin Don’t like this poem because I’m telling you to But let me tell you a story about this girl Named Hinari Just ’cause I want to Came from Ethiopia when she was seven Was considered black As a girl she chose her way But as a Christian it was hard to say […]

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“To Whisk the Moon,” by Audrey Papineau

To Whisk the Moon To whisk, to whisk, to whisk the moon To fly, to soar, to light up the moon, whoosh! Tap! Rattle tap tap! The tree, the tree, the tree under the moon. Try everything! To soar, to soar, to soar in the light! To fly, to whisk, to make light, whoosh! Tap! […]

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Required Reading: Questlove

By Stephany Kim, SAL Intern Recognize Questlove, the drummer with the signature afro pick on The Tonight Show, but don’t know much about him? Well, grab your earbuds, groove out to the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots, and check out this “Required Reading” to get ready for Questlove’s event tomorrow night at Washington Hall, where he’ll […]

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Madeleine Albright’s Warning

“Why has international momentum toward democracy slowed, and why are so many charlatans seeking to undermine public confidence in elections, the courts, the media?” This is the urgent question voiced by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in Fascism: A Warning, who will be speaking on Apr. 24 at The Paramount Theatre. The book is not only a sage examination […]

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“Emotionless Thoughts,” by Amr Awaad

Emotionless Thoughts Rhyming is my nature and words are my dreams Because everything I say doesn’t look but it sees The future’s right in front of us but people are blinded By the harsh facts, so they always try to hide it

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