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Faces of SAL: Eric Gerard Parsons

Meet Eric Gerard Parsons, a new board member with SAL!

Eric is the Senior Manager of Philanthropy at Community Roots Housing Foundation, where he brings his decades of experience in managing and leading complex projects in the nonprofit and government sectors on issues related to education reform, juvenile justice, health care, welfare reform, workforce development, and arts and community engagement. 

To welcome Eric to the board, we spoke to him about his favorite childhood book, what he did before his current role, and a little thing he does called “creative nothing” . . . 

When you’re not doing SAL Board things, you can be found . . . 

Chilling out to jazz, or spending precious time with precious friends.

Favorite book as a kid?

M.C. Higgins, the Great by Virginia Hamilton. It was the first book I had ever read up to that point that had a Black boy as the main character.

Before I came to SAL (and/or my current occupation), I . . .

Spent 11 years living in Oakland where I was my mother’s caregiver. I worked part-time as a parish administrator for an Episcopal church.

Favorite SAL event?

Literary Arts because it’s impossible to guess who will be on the schedule and the selected writers never disappoint.

What’s your ideal Sunday?

I like to do what a friend of mine calls “creative nothing.”

What’s on your desk?

A stack of interior design magazines, correspondence, stationary, a couple of fountain pens, and a week old Food Section from the New York Times that I have yet to get to.

Favorite book right now?

Recitatif by Toni Morrison for its deliberate withholding of racial codes and racialized language.

What’s your personal motto?

Have a desire to do some good in the world and create something that makes a difference.

Thank you, Eric! We’re delighted to have you on the SAL Board!

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