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Faces of SAL: Leah Adams

As we reflect on gratitude this week, our fantastic volunteers come to mind. They give abundant time and energy to our many events and our next feature is no exception. Leah Adams has volunteered for SAL for over three years—you’ve probably seen her at the box office! Here, she reveals how she fell for the dogs of SAL, what settles her mind, and what drew her to SAL. Hint: it has to do with our favorite summer activity and books.

What’s been your favorite SAL event?

My favorite SAL event is tough to nail down. It could be Ann Patchett, who was so warm and wonderful, honest and funny; or Elizabeth Gilbert, who surprised me with her uplifting, encouraging talk on creativity; or Anthony Doerr, who surprised me with a funny breakdown of his arduous writing process.

Why did you decide to volunteer for SAL?

I started volunteering for SAL in August 2015, after completing my first #bookbingonw. It was so much fun. I just wanted to find a way to be around the brilliant women who put it together. The first time I came to the office, I stuffed envelopes for Christina. After meeting Amanda and Ruth and the dogs of SAL, I was hooked. The energy in the office was infectious.

What are you reading right now?

I’m currently listening to The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Her book, Circe, blew me away this summer. I’ve been waiting three months for my hold to come in for Song of Achilles, and it is every bit as good. I love the way she brings characters who are a footnote in a Greek myth to life, complete with internal conflicts and mixed emotions.

What’s your hidden talent?

Besides being passionate about all things bookish, I love fiber arts of every type: knitting, spinning, embroidery, sewing, and felting. Handwork settles and calms my whirling thoughts, enabling me to focus. I love to listen to audiobooks while my hands are busy making.

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