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Andrea Dimond stands at the top of the steps of an old, brick building, with her hands interlaced and her leg crossed behind her. She's wearing a checkered dress with black tights and boots.

Faces of SAL: Andrea Dimond

Numerous creative and brilliant people work on behind-the-scenes projects for SAL. Andrea Dimond is one of two freelance designers and has freelanced for SAL for over three years, where she uses her superb design skills to produce our Annual Report and other pieces. See some of her past work here. Read on to find what she does when she’s not designing for SAL, and more!

What’s your favorite SAL project so far, and why?

That is hard to say! My SAL projects are always so much fun because the SAL team really pushes me creatively. If I had to pick one, I would say the 2018/19 Season Brochure. I loved the design direction the SAL staff wanted to go, so it was really fun to take that and run with it.

Tell us about your work outside of SAL… 

I do graphic design work for all sorts of nonprofits working on everything from homelessness to domestic violence. I also work with local small businesses—especially those in West Seattle! Most of my projects focus on infographics, branding, or events. I’m really passionate about helping nonprofits better engage their communities by upping their visual communication game.

What are some of your favorite reads lately?

Right now I’m reading Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli—her writing really sucks you in. I usually try to read one fiction and one non-fiction book. I just added Antisocial by Andrew Marantz to my library hold list. I hope I get it soon! One of the best things about working on SAL projects is getting a sneak peak at all of the authors they are hosting in the coming year. I always find new books and authors that I want to check out!

When you’re not doing design work, what else do you love to do?

I love traveling with my family. This year, we were lucky enough to visit Puerto Rico and Yellowstone­—they were both beautiful adventures. When I’m sticking around Seattle, I enjoy seeing live music, thrifting, and crafting with my kids.

What’s your hidden talent?

I make a mean eggnog. Last year, I saved the day when I was able to whip up some delicious eggnog from scratch after our store-bought family favorite ran out mid-season. It turned out pretty well!

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