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“The Fox and the Rabbit,” by Jones Kasperson

The Fox and the Rabbit

At moonhigh, the night sky is ink in water,
spreading to all cracks and crevices.
The fox’s nose and whiskers whimper
to the scent of rabbit. As it crawls
to its prey, its belly fur brushes against
the long grass of the moor.
Making no noise at all, it pounces.
The rabbit’s noise-sensitive ears hear
the crunch of dirt as the
fox pounces. The rabbit runs, zig-zagging
from here to there. The fox gives
chase, gaining on the poor little rabbit.
It pounces yet again, this time right
on the back and quickly bites
its spine—the killing bite.

Jones Kasperson wrote this poem while a 5th Grader at Lafayette Elementary School, with WITS Writer Karen Finneyfrock. Performed at the Seattle Arts & Lectures Poetry Series event featuring Kimiko Hahn and Francisco Aragón at Broadway Performance Hall on April 25, 2019.

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