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2018 WITS Year-End Readings: A Multimedia Gallery

From Hiroshi Sakauye’s brave letter to America; to Chloe Dobson’s gorgeous comic of a young artist who feels “a fire awaken” when she draws; to Gage Barry’s hilarious short story narrated by a sardonic carrot named Jack Crunchy, this season’s WITS Year-End Readings featured the extraordinary talent of future Pulitzer Prize-winning voices.

The annual celebration, which took place on May 30 & 31, 2018, is a tradition of the WITS program in which youth poets, storytellers, essayists, and comics artists come together to share their work and celebrate the publication of a chapbook. This year’s chapbook was titled “Breathe the Truth Back In,” and that became the theme of the evening as students demonstrated their creativity, their craft, and their courage to share their authentic voices in piece after amazing piece.

To flip through a digital version of “Breathe the Truth Back In,” click here.

To hear audio from the The Seattle Public Library’s podcast, click here for the first night of elementary & middle school readers, and click here for the second night of middle school & high school readers.

Select images from both nights are below—head to SAL’s Facebook page for the complete galleries (night one is here; night two is here)! Thank you to Libby Lewis of Libby Lewis Photography for her beautiful work!


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