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“I Used to Be a Small, Thin Bone”, by WITS Student Aubrielle McNeil

I Used to Be a Small, Thin Bone

I used to be a sloppy flower
afraid to take bloom,
but now I seem to walk the clouds,
ruling over all that crushed me.
I seem to be a small, thin bone
too shy to find myself,
but really I am a fluffy dragon
filled with jokes and laughter.
I used to be a tiny drop of water
not enough to feel but now I am a rushing thunder storm
ready for them to hear me pound!


Aubrielle McNeil wrote this poem while a student at Washington Middle School, with WITS Writer-in-Residence Rachel Kessler. She read it to open for Drew Barrymore when she spoke as part of the SAL Presents Series on November 7, 2015.

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