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WITS Interview: Rika Kurdyla-Smith

by Gabriela Denise Frank Throughout time, the powers of poets have been hailed as nothing short of mystical. Poets are seers and oracles. They treat with gods, muses, ghosts. Their carefully crafted lines conjure images that, to readers and listeners, incarnate ephemeral ideas into forms solid enough to see and touch—at least by the mind. […]

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Close-up of Judith Roth, standing amid a blurred background of green, diffused light through trees.

A Remembrance of Judith Roche

By Laura Gamache, WITS Writer-in-Residence Judith Roche grew up in Detroit, Michigan, but she almost didn’t. Her poem, “Drowning in Lake Michigan,” begins: “My first memory looks up to sunlight through water.” I heard her read it a few years back at an It’s About Time reading at the Ballard Public Library. It is the […]

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WITS Voices: Saying Goodbye to Hutch School

By Samar Abulhassan, WITS Writer-in-Residence Shout Out Poem (after Sekou Sundiata) Melanie, 3rd Grade, Washington, Hutch School Here’s to the greatest words this morning to one of the best places going down, Here’s to the blue noodles in one of my poems To the kids who have come and gone To the kids who are […]

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