Garfield Hillson

Garfield Hillson

WITS Program Manager (he/him)

I am the WITS Program Manager on the Youth Programs team.

When I was a kid, I loved reading the Wayside School series. It was fun, imaginative, and a little scary. I am also a huge X-men fan. Tales from Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters gets me every tale.

On my desk, I am mindfully scrapbooking moments, so you might find student writings, WITS writers’ curriculum ideas, and trinkets from a staff retreat. I just want a time capsule of my time here!

When not working, I can be found writing, watching trash TV, walking my dog, and eating yummy food with my partner. My ideal Sunday is a quiet early morning with a book, then a big glorious brunch with friends and family. Boardgames. Laughter. Joy.

My personal motto is: “Give yourself grace. Make today great. Repeat.”