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SAL/on air is a literary podcast featuring the best author talks from over thirty-five years of Seattle Arts & Lectures’ programming.

Eavan Boland

Four weeks after her passing in her hometown of Dublin, we want to celebrate the ways Eavan Boland drew up a new science of cartography for Irish poetry: one that included women in their everyday lives—one that depicted children, the routines of the suburbs, marriage—and then that radically laid this map over received ideas about Irish history, about poetic form.

Boland’s poems elegantly re-charted the often unnamed world of women with the named tensions of Irish history, memory, and legends. In our latest episode of SAL/on air, our literary podcast featuring SAL events from our thirty-year archive, we hear Boland’s 2007/08 Poetry Series reading, followed by an interview with SAL Associate Director Rebecca Hoogs. To read a full transcript of the episode, click here.

Season Two
Air Date: May 28, 2020
Audio from lecture: Eavan Boland
Recorded March 3, 2008