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Nicholas Kristof has his arm over Sheryl WuDunn as they stand in front of a grey backdrop. Both are smiling.

Six Reads by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicolas Kristof grew up on a cherry farm in rural Yamhill, Oregon, and it’s there that he and Sheryl WuDunn, his wife and co-writer, return in their latest reporting. In part, their book is about the lives of some of the children with whom Kristof grew up, about a quarter […]

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Amor Towles, in glasses and a bold blue suit, stands in the center of the picture, against a backdrop lit by multicolored, circular lights. He's smiling energetically and making direct eye contact.

Introductions: Amor Towles

By Ruth Dickey, SAL Executive Director A few years ago, everyone I knew began telling me about a book they absolutely adored and that I simply must read. But when I learned the book was about a Count who spends 30 years in a hotel in Moscow, I was first skeptical, and then outright resistant. […]

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Close-up of Judith Roth, standing amid a blurred background of green, diffused light through trees.

A Remembrance of Judith Roche

By Laura Gamache, WITS Writer-in-Residence Judith Roche grew up in Detroit, Michigan, but she almost didn’t. Her poem, “Drowning in Lake Michigan,” begins: “My first memory looks up to sunlight through water.” I heard her read it a few years back at an It’s About Time reading at the Ballard Public Library. It is the […]

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Wei-Wei Lee, looking slightly over her shoulder, grins at the camera amid a black backdrop lit by multicolored, circular lights.

“cold hard marble truth,” by Wei-Wei Lee

It’s a mite hard to believe on nights like this that, somewhere, I have friends who aren’t dream-deep and snug in their beds, asleep, but may be dozing off in lecture with pens stuttering on notes; air conditioners humming furious against the peak afternoon heat. Harder still to believe, that while they scribble and we […]

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Bianca Glinskas stands on a cliff amid a sunrise, mountains in the background. She's leaning against a rock, small in the frame of the photo.

Faces of SAL: Bianca Glinskas

We are so grateful for the many volunteers who make our world go round at the SAL headquarters. Bianca Glinskas is one such volunteer, and not only does she help out in the office—she also writes for our blog! Check out her recent pieces on poet Mary Ruefle here and here. To see what’s inspired […]

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Claudia Castro Luna stands against a bright yellow backdrop, holding her series of poems, which unfolds accordian style, down from the top of her head all the way to the floor.

One River, A Thousand Voices

This year, Claudia Castro Luna—the 2018-2020 Washington State Poet Laureate and Designer in Residence at the School of Visual Concepts—received an exciting fellowship from the Academy of American Poets. Her project? To create community through poetry along the length of the Columbia River. Over a period of several months, Claudia was inspired to write “One […]

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A hand drawn image of a young woman with a black cap that says "dunce," sitting on a stool. The figure is repeated twice, with her face tilted in a different direction both times. The background is empty and a medium-toned pink.

Now I Feel I Am On My Way

This essay is part of a series in which Poetry Northwest partners with Seattle Arts & Lectures to present reflections on visiting writers from SAL’s Poetry Series. At 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 21, Mary Ruefle will read at Seattle Central Community College—Broadway Performance Hall. Tickets are still available! By Gabrielle Bates Read more on Poetry Northwest.

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Andrea Dimond stands at the top of the steps of an old, brick building, with her hands interlaced and her leg crossed behind her. She's wearing a checkered dress with black tights and boots.

Faces of SAL: Andrea Dimond

Numerous creative and brilliant people work on behind-the-scenes projects for SAL. Andrea Dimond is one of two freelance designers and has freelanced for SAL for over three years, where she uses her superb design skills to produce our Annual Report and other pieces. See some of her past work here. Read on to find what […]

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In this composite image, Mary Ruefle's black and white head shot on one side, with a copy of her book cover, Dunce, on the other side.

Readers as Aliens: Reading Mary Ruefle’s Poetry

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, Seattle Arts & Lectures will present a reading with Mary Ruefle at Broadway Performance Hall in Capitol Hill. Mary Ruefle has published over ten collections of poetry. Below, local writer Bianca Glinskas reveals three favorite Ruefle poems and what they tell us about the reader and the writer. By Bianca Glinskas […]

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Maia Pody stands in front of a blurred out background of a body of water, with boats behind her. She's looking down at a page she is reading aloud from.

YPL Ambassador Maia Pody Has Something to Say

Need to brighten up your Thursday afternoon? Nancy Guppy’s Art Zone brings us this video, beautifully shot by Vincent Pierce, of our 2019 Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador Maia Pody reading her poem “Foam.” Thank you to Nancy Guppy and Seattle Channel for making this possible, and to Maia for sharing her work!

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