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Wei-Wei Lee, looking slightly over her shoulder, grins at the camera amid a black backdrop lit by multicolored, circular lights.

“cold hard marble truth,” by Wei-Wei Lee

It’s a mite hard to believe on nights like this that, somewhere, I have friends who aren’t dream-deep and snug in their beds, asleep, but may be dozing off in lecture with pens stuttering on notes; air conditioners humming furious against the peak afternoon heat. Harder still to believe, that while they scribble and we […]

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Maia Pody stands in front of a blurred out background of a body of water, with boats behind her. She's looking down at a page she is reading aloud from.

YPL Ambassador Maia Pody Has Something to Say

Need to brighten up your Thursday afternoon? Nancy Guppy’s Art Zone brings us this video, beautifully shot by Vincent Pierce, of our 2019 Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador Maia Pody reading her poem “Foam.” Thank you to Nancy Guppy and Seattle Channel for making this possible, and to Maia for sharing her work!

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Get Spooky in Seattle: WITS Writers at Lit Crawl

Like a choice bowl of Halloween candy, this year’s Lit Crawl on October 24 is sprinkled with a healthy dose of our Writers in the Schools (WITS) and Youth Poet Laureate (YPL) programs. But which WITS writers will be where? Here’s a handy guide to help you map it out. But readers be warned—you have […]

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“Sundays at Seven,” by Wei-Wei Lee

Sundays at Seven Sunday mornings rising. Not of the faith, never been to church, but here I am in the biting air like a street vendor with a cotton candy cart; my breaths spun-sugar white. They pull up with no announcement, no fanfare— faces turned, expecting, though. Here we are; off we go. No people […]

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“Poetry Resonates”⁠—An Interview with Youth Poet Laureate Wei-Wei Lee

Wei-Wei Lee, our 2019/20 Youth Poet Laureate, is a poet whose work pays tribute to both Taiwan and America in her writing. This summer, we sat down virtually with Wei-Wei to ask her about everything from coping with writer’s anxiety, to how place informs her creative practice, to the advice she would give youth writing […]

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“Shadow of the Mississippi,” by Da’Sund Fiir Heller

      Shadow of the Mississippi I fear the loss of such… reading For May falls into the hands of the river Against pressures of stream… then keeps flowing into thighs of the Mississippi… still Flowing Pushed and moved thru currents… ongoing A reading of true intention, to reach bank A slope of increase […]

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“[Untitled America Poem],” by Maia Pody

[Untitled America Poem] If great means impressive then yes though I’m easily impressed by American dream teen movie queen bees preordained aspirations and silverware sets six generations needs more dog parks and ice cream and garbage trucks needs less cars coca cola clearance clothing sale commercials less promise breaker mistake maker human error budget cuts […]

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“Ancestry Isn’t Just Some DNA Test,” by Hiroshi Sakauye

Ancestry Isn’t Just Some DNA Test A Letter to My Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother I wonder what your name was. Did it taste like bitter Mount Fuji snow, or sweet dirt from Aokigahara forest? When we were born, did war carve Its name into your fragment bones? When you were a […]

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“Whitey’s on TRAPPIST-I,” by Azura Tyabji

Whitey’s on TRAPPIST-I inspired by Gil Scott Heron Recently, NASA discovered 7 earth sized planets orbiting a single star 40 light years away One. Another black woman has crumbled to take a bullet in record time again. There is no spaceship named after her. We forget she had a name outside of bulk order eulogy. […]

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Relive the Magic of the WITS Back-to-School Luncheon!

Thank you so much to everyone that attended SAL’s Back-to-School Luncheon last week to support our Writers in the Schools program! As WITS parent Tammy Watson told us, “Each child, each voice that needs to be heard, is depending on someone to make that difference.” Last Tuesday, we came together to make a lasting difference […]

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