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“The Olive Tree” by Leena al-Binni

The sun beats down, hot as fire, as hatred burns with a fierce desire. The olive trees weep, their branches low, as death and destruction continue to grow. They now stand as silent witnesses to this land, whose roots go deep, whose branches wide, yet they too have suffered and died. The land is a […]

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“A Red Bird’s Story” by Kingston Jackson

I like red, and I like birds, and I like red birds. So, I like flying. So do birds. I don’t like worms. Birds do. So, I will look for birds sometimes.   This poem was written by Kingston Jackson, a 4th grader at Leschi Elementary school with WITS Writer-In-Residence Brian Dang. Performed at the […]

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“Astrophilia” by Sarah Guo

On the other side of the door, I can hear you crying– and there is something so obscurely beautiful in watching a star collapse before my eyes. Erosion. Implosion. Explosion. I want to tell you that there is light on your fingertips, you only have to let it shine, and that if you wanted, you […]

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“Untitled” by Avery Brown

  This comic was made by Avery Brown, as a 6th grader at Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning with WITS Writer-in-Residence David Lasky, performed at our SAL Presents event with Oliver Jeffers on Thursday, October 5th, 2023, at Town Hall Seattle.

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“Ode to Hunger, Under the Guise That I Am an Ant” by Linus Elkins

I have a name, but not one representative in its nature. You humans refer to it with these multi-syllable menageries called pheromones, symbolic as inaccessible to most fine creatures on this earth, but I won’t take pride in knowing what I can’t share, so I will say it plainly: I have a name. My good […]

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“Four Square” by Charlotte Soliven

When did I start falling behind My life, a game of 4 square I must have not been paying attention When did they started adding all these new rules I was completely oblivious Everyone ran along the lines While another person with the ball chases us Like a weird version of Pac-Man I am tagged […]

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A Conversation with Mateo Acuña, 2023/24 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate

This month, we’re sharing stories woven with heart and light from our youth programs community. In the interview below, our 2023/24 Youth Poet Laureate Mateo Acuña shares the path to writing his first collection of poetry, where he finds inspiration, and what dedicated space and mentorship as part of the Youth Poetry Fellowship (YPF) program […]

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“Deer” by Iris Dickerson

In new woods, deer come as new life, growth, but blood looming. For you, deer, may have swift eyes, but what of your hooves? Because you must run, swift as the wind, but can’t hide. DEER is of the cold night, but hope of golden morning. The clang of a mishappen bullet, the cry of […]

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A person with horn-rimmed glasses, short bangs, and dark hair with light blue ends makes a soft smile with their head tilted slightly to the right.

A Conversation with Clara Olivo, WITS Writer-in-Residence

This month, we’re sharing stories woven with heart and light from our Youth Programs community. Today, WITS Writer-in-Residence Clara Olivo shares their teaching practice, how they inspire and impart wisdom on youth, and what artists need to thrive in Seattle.  Tell us about yourself as a writer. What are you writing and working on? That’s […]

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“Oh, the Places You Could Go” by Kyle Gerstel

Two roads in front of you, you take the road less traveled. Pfft, easy. Wait. Is that a Third road? When did that get here? They multiply, or at least You start to see more and more, but when there are more than two roads to choose from, when you’re standing in the Center of […]

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