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Summer Book Bingo: The BIG 5—5 Books that Think BIG

By Rachel Bachler It’s sitting there just staring at you. The end of the last ‘sunny-picture’ calendar page. Only a few short weeks until you inevitably lift the page to see a background of orange and red maples looming above the family in matching Pendleton coats and yellow rain boots. Aside from the pumpkin spice […]

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6 Science Reads for Long August Days

By Ines Tucakovic August marks the pinnacle of summer for those of us living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, as the weather finally stabilizes a bit and we can enjoy the splendor of elongated days filled with sunshine and late sunsets. Book lovers everywhere can rejoice – this means extra hours in the sun to […]

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Summer Book Bingo: Top 7 Books Gone Blockbuster

By Rachel Bachler It only takes a moment. The peer through a locked door, the knock of an unexpected guest; a moment that, in an intimate bigness, all at once fills our eyes with wonder and our heart with anticipation. Occasionally, a moment comes along imparting such wonder and curiosity that we can’t help but […]

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A High School Senior Takes on Summer Book Bingo

This week, our Writers in the Schools program has been delighted to work with high school student and Summer Book Bingo hopeful Tula Hanson, who is job-shadowing with us. Below, Tula gives her recommendations for three reads, including one about a fox who eavesdrops on children’s bedtime stories. As a bonus, if you’re still looking […]

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2019 Summer Book Bingo: Today’s Top 5 in YA

By Rachel Bachler Something about adolescence is fleetingly romantic. Dystopian odds, unassuming heroes, nights that linger long after the mid-day sun has appeared; worlds that are often lost along the way to more seasoned-life literature. But every now and then, we allow ourselves a nostalgic indulgence in the Young Adult corner of Elliott Bay Book Company—only […]

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Summer Book Bingo 2019: Recommended by an Independent Bookstore

By Danielle Palmer-Friedman Few know books better than independent booksellers—that’s why each year, there’s a #BookBingoNW2019 square dedicated to their sage reading advice. This summer, we decided to take it a step further. What if, instead of just one square, your ENTIRE board was suggested by the experienced, avid readers at your favorite local bookstore? Well, we […]

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2019 Summer Book Bingo: Start Your Next Square

By Danielle Palmer-Friedman Your first #BookBingoNW2019 square is seemingly the easiest to knock out: the board dancing in front of you, all of your options open, untouched. But after you’ve crossed the first category off your list, what should you read next? The forever-growing stack of books at your bedside table looms, almost toppling over […]

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Carol Anderon laughs, wearing hoop earrings and placing a hand on one hip.

2019 Summer Book Bingo: SAL Speaker Square

By Brooke Densmore Williams, Summer Book Bingo Player I look forward to Summer Book Bingo every year, and 2019 marks my fourth year of filling my book bingo card with books written by black, indigenous, POC, LGBTQIA+, and  womxn-identifying authors. I have always been an avid reader, but I easily get into reading patterns and […]

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SAL Success Guide to Book Bingo

By Danielle Palmer-Friedman The game is underway, and we’re set to read, play, and win. Here are some handy tips & tricks on how to master the 2019 Book Bingo Board this summer, straight from the SAL office:   Use sticky-notes flags as markers, instead of writing the title directly on your board. The only […]

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2019 Summer Book Bingo is Here!

Everyone’s favorite free summer reading challenge is back for both adults and kids! Download your Adult Board here or your Kid Board here. Keep track of your summer reads from now until September 3, 2019 by writing the title and author in the matching square, and submit your board by mail, in person, or through […]

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