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“Their Name” by Ratticus Cofer

Their Name Once upon a time their name was annoying and fake. Maddie was a coward, she was an outcast, a mistake. She trusted people blindly, as a result she was contorted. And who is she to blame except herself for the exploited. But now you call them Ratticus, a kid lost in abyss. They’re […]

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“Standstill / Stand Still” by Kiana Gladney

At the peak of my anxiety, consumed by emotion, overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts, I’m at a standstill. I don’t know when my home got bigger or I when I simply shrunk, but my house is far too big for me, and lately I feel so small. At a standstill of uncertainty, I’ve found that lately […]

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“Jen Wave” by WITS Student Markarius Paine

It was a cold and wet evening on January 5 just outside of downtown Seattle. There was an amazing baby being born on South Main Street in a small brick apartment building. In unit number 5, there was a small cry and a curious meow and at 5:47 that evening, Jen Aronian Wave was born. […]

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