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“Peace” by WITS Student Gwyneth Febus

Peace and I met at 2 in the morning with my head hanging out the window to catch snow on my tongue He was so cold and refreshing and new He breathed out white clouds And the light of the moon reflecting on his skin So I vowed to make him my friend Peace and […]

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Introductions: Jelani Cobb

By Rebecca Hoogs, Executive Director It is my great honor to introduce Jelani Cobb tonight. We are here to celebrate his work as a journalist and his most recent work as editor, along with David Remnick: The Matter of Black Lives, The New Yorker’s groundbreaking anthology on race in America. The anthology was assembled in the wake […]

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Create Your Own Series: Your SAL, Your Way

Tickets go on sale today for our Create Your Own Series subscriptions, which allow you to curate your own SAL experience with four tickets to four events of your choice. The question then becomes, how and who to choose? You might select speakers from different series—Literary Arts, Poetry, Journalism, Women You Need to Know (WYNK), […]

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“Gears of Time, Cogs of Life” by Finnegan Fant

Gears of time, cogs of life home is the trees rushing by as I speed down a mountain, the scent of pine sap as I leave the ground, the shocks of a downhill bike absorbing force as I slam back down to earth. Home is my dad coming home after months on a halibut schooner […]

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A World Full of Heroes: A WITS Intern Reflects on Event with Lawrence Wright

Akshaya Ajith, a high school student doing a remote internship with the Writers in the Schools program at SAL, attended SAL’s Journalism Series event with Lawrence Wright, investigative journalist for The New Yorker and author of the pandemic thriller The End of October, on February 9, 2021. Read on to hear her reflections. By Akshaya […]

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Where We Go From Here: A WITS Intern Reflects on Event with Yamiche Alcindor

Akshaya Ajith, a high school student doing a remote internship with the Writers in the Schools program at SAL, attended SAL’s Journalism Series event with Yamiche Alcindor on November 10. Alcindor is the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour. Read on to hear Akshaya’s reflections on truth, compassion, and connection—and what role they all play […]

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“And They Do” by Helena Goos

The silence stretches, yawning across the land. Quiet, so quiet. A strange reverie, unbroken by sound.                         The bombs have stopped. The children, born in a world where the thunder is a part of life, whimper. The elders, so few, so old, raise their heads in disbelief. For they remember, a time when bombs did […]

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Next on the SAL Podcast: Adam Davidson

In our latest episode of SAL/on air, our literary podcast featuring talks from across Seattle Arts & Lectures’ thirty years, we hear from Adam Davidson, the co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money and an economics writer at The New Yorker. Davidson joined us earlier this year, on January 22, for a Journalism Series discussion of his book, […]

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A young girl smiles into a camera backstage, wearing a silver necklace and denim jacket.

“Empire of Light, René Magritte,” by Ellery Burke

I look up I see the clouds so free and confident with the endless sky behind them I look down and see our lamppost the tree trunk and the things around me that fade away in the darkness I see the outline of the darkness hitting the light There is no pattern for this line […]

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A kid with curly hair sits atop a box backstage at Benaroya Hall, legs swinging.

“I Remember,” by Julian Camba

A brown tree and its rough bark a boar with big tusks shifting through leaves my grandma strolling me through a park Singapore, and how it had so many trees When I wake up, when it’s still dark The bitterness of sour candy My grandma buying me sweets my grandma’s room, it was dandy my […]

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