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“Oh, the Places You Could Go” by Kyle Gerstel

Two roads in front of you, you take the road less traveled. Pfft, easy. Wait. Is that a Third road? When did that get here? They multiply, or at least You start to see more and more, but when there are more than two roads to choose from, when you’re standing in the Center of […]

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“A Spark of Hope” by Rae Brumbaugh

Through a deep night shines a spark of hope like a wasp without a stinger like a blinding rip in the needles of the air no one sees this hope or maybe they’re just too tired to care It flickers through the floodwater It could light a flame It could burn down all of the […]

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“Standstill / Stand Still” by Kiana Gladney

At the peak of my anxiety, consumed by emotion, overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts, I’m at a standstill. I don’t know when my home got bigger or I when I simply shrunk, but my house is far too big for me, and lately I feel so small. At a standstill of uncertainty, I’ve found that lately […]

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An Intimate Provocation: Jenny Xie’s “The Rupture Tense”

This essay is part of a series in which Seattle Arts & Lectures partners with Poetry Northwest to present reflections on visiting writers from the SAL Poetry Series. On Tuesday, January 17, Jenny Xie will read and discuss her work in conversation with Jane Wong at Rainier Arts Center, at 7:30 pm (PT). Tickets to this in-person and […]

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