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Summer Book Bingo: Recommendations from Charlie’s Queer Books

2024 Summer Book Bingo, our free summer reading program with The Seattle Public Library, is in full swing! Download your card here. Start your summer reading now and if you get a bingo or blackout, you can enter for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Connect with other Book Bingo readers by using the hashtag #BookBingoNW2024 on social media.

Have you ever wanted to fill your Summer Book Bingo board entirely with queer authors? If you answered yes to that question, Charlie’s Queer Books has got you covered! Owner Charlie Hunts has compiled a list of book titles to inspire your summer reading.

By Charlie Hunts, Owner

Summer Book Bingo has a very special place in our hearts here at Charlie’s. It was our very first social media campaign and our first experience partnering with Seattle institutions like Seattle Arts & Lectures and The Seattle Public Library. Our store only existed online and as a humble disco-tiled book cart carried around the city in the back of my Subaru (as if I could get any gayer). We discovered so many new titles by challenging ourselves to fill every square of the bingo card with authors who identify as queer.

Now, only one year later, we have a pink and purple storefront in Fremont and back to bring you queer recommendations for your bingo card!

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Thank you, Charlie!

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