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Faces of SAL: Jamie Miller

Welcome to the SAL board, Jamie Miller!

To welcome Jamie to the board, we spoke to her about her PNW activities, old favorite reads, and what a great day is . . . 

When you’re not doing SAL Board things, you can be found…
at a hockey rink anywhere in the Pacific NW, including Canada and Alaska, watching my son fly up and down the ice.

Favorite book as a kid (and why)?
The first book I remember reading multiple times was Little Women. As a “tomboy” with an independent streak, I connected with Jo and her complicated friendship with Laurie. But I also loved that I could see bits of myself in all of the sisters.

Before I came to SAL (and/or my current occupation), I . . .
am Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering Development at Sellen Construction. I love helping our young engineers find their strengths and passions and craft that into a career where they are happy and excited about their work.

What’s your ideal Sunday?
Sitting in the sun (any season), on my deck, reading a book, with a cup of tea or a cocktail in hand, and kids and dogs running amok. Then finishing the day with a family dinner where we can all connect before the start of another week.

What emoji best represents you (and why)?
Any laughing emoji. I firmly believe in the therapeutic power of laughter and I love to laugh. So much so that I will occasionally laugh at an inappropriate moment and be accused of not “reading the room”. But I think you can often find humor in the least expected places.

Thank you so much, Jamie! We’re so thrilled to have you on the SAL board!

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