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2020 Summer Book Bingo: Recommended by an Independent Bookstore—Part One

2020 Summer Book Bingo, our free summer reading program with The Seattle Public Library, has begun early this year! Download your card here. Start your summer reading now and aim for bingo or blackout for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Engage with others and their own reading adventures by using the hashtag #BookBingoNW2020 on social media.

Want some ideas to fill your “Recommended by a Library or an Independent Bookseller” square for Summer Book Bingo? SAL spoke with several Puget Sound independent bookstore owners and employees about their favorite reads this season—with more bookstores to come! If you’re able, you can support your local indies by purchasing their recommendations below.

Jo Sepulveda, Bookstore Manager, Ada’s Technical Books

Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty. The follow up to Picketty’s best-selling Capital in the 21st Century delves into how economic inequality is reinforced by, and reinforces, cultural beliefs and government policy.

Black Death at the Golden Gate by David Randall. A beautifully researched history that reads like a thriller—details the grotesque coverup of the 1900 bubonic plague outbreak in San Francisco.

Fighting for Space by Amy Shira Teitel. The forgotten story of two pioneering aviators and how their race to reach the stars was dashed by the glass ceiling.

Novacene by James Lovelock. Renowned environmentalist James Lovelock shares his final thoughts about humanity, the planet, and the future that will be defined by unintended consequences.

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Georgiana Blomberg, Bookstore Owner, Magnolia’s Bookstore

Actress by Anne Enright. This is the story of a woman making sense of her own life as she tells the story of that of her mother, Katherine, a legendary Irish actress. They have a close bond, uncomplicated by any father figures; Katherine’s wildly extravagant life and view of the world is fascinatingly conveyed through the eyes of her daughter, Norah, who has her own mix of blindness and wisdom. Enright’s writing is, as always, immediate, brilliant, and a joy to read.

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner. My co-worker Sandi Madore’s review: “Utterly and wonderfully charming! The residents of Chawton, England, who seem to have little in common, come together in their love for the writing of Jane Austen. They quickly come to realize that friendship depends on nothing but a caring heart and the willingness and courage to be open to others. A book to be read again and again when your faith in humanity is threatened.” Comes out in late May.

Rules for Visiting: A Novel by Jessica Francis Kane. A “perfect gem of a novel,” according to my co-worker, Yvette Olson. Her review: “Just as plants need tending, so do friends. May Attaway is much better at landscaping than friend-keeping, but when she is given leave from her job as a campus gardener, she sets out to visit four once-close friends, one by one. May hopes to see a real day in the life of these friends, uncurated and unfiltered through a social media lens. With quiet humor, precise social observations, astute literary references, and a sprinkling of Latin botanical names, Kane celebrates an ordinary life deeply enriched by personal connections.”

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Want more Summer Book Bingo suggestions? These category deep-dives from the SAL staff have got us reading and ready: Recommended by a Friend, Afrofuturism, UpliftingNature, and On Your Shelf. You can also find more on The Seattle Public Library’s website.

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