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“Blessing to Mom,” by Nyomi Bennett

May you buy clothes
that keep me warm
day and night.
May you create a strong
roof over my head so
I will be happy.
May you tuck me into
bed, every night and
never forget.
May you travel the
world to make your magical
sparkly dreams come true.
May you dance all night
with your music bumping
the wall.
May you be funny at
dinner time and laugh
a lot.
May you say, “You’re sweet,
Cupcake,” every night.May you stay up with
me when it is 11:00 p.m.
and I’m doing my homework.
May you stay my magical

Nyomi Bennett wrote this poem while a 5th Grader at Leschi Elementary School, with WITS Writer Jeanine Walker. Performed at the Seattle Arts & Lectures Poetry Series event with Jericho Brown at Broadway Performance Hall on May 21, 2019.