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GiveBIG 2018 was a success!

Thank you to everyone that helped make GiveBIG 2018 a success. With the help of 27 generous donors, SAL raised $4,242.90! Thank you for believing in the power of words and making it possible to bring some of the most important writers and thinkers of our time to Seattle stages and classrooms. Your support ensures that SAL remains a powerful community resource for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The GiveBIG theme this year was “Give Big for All.” To celebrate all of the amazing organizations that make the Seattle nonprofit community so incredible, SAL staff members each chose a local nonprofit that they were excited to give big to. We encourage you to check out these amazing organizations:

Rebecca was excited to give big to Copper Canyon Press because they produce some of the most important, beautiful, and vital books of poetry of our time.

Christina and her pup Murray were excited to GiveBIG to Rainer Scholars. Christina says, “I am excited to give big to Rainier Scholars because it is an organization that is about hope, opportunity, and the pursuit of educational freedom for students of color. I believe they are leveling the playing field and cultivating leaders of tomorrow who will reflect the diversity of our community. Go Rainier Scholars you are amazing!”

Alicia was super excited to GiveBIG to one of her favorite organizations that she volunteers at, Puget Sound Goat Rescue. “Give big to Puget Sound Goat Rescue! The Puget Sound Goat Rescue is a 100% volunteer run, 501 (c)(3) registered charity in the Puget Sound. Each year, they rescue goats from a variety of situations where they are unwanted, mistreated, neglected, or abused. The goats are cared for at the rescue until they are ready to be adopted to permanent, loving homes. Since its inception in 2001 PSGR has rescued over 1,900 goats, averaging 200 per year in the last few years.”

Alex was excited to GiveBIG to Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas because they are the only nonprofit solely dedicated to presenting emerging Black arts, artists, and ideas in the Seattle area. Alex says, “CD Forum is such an incredible organization. They do a great job of partnering with the artiststhey support and providing spaces that are truly community-oriented. Every event is so full of creativity and passion. I encourage everyone to check them out.”

Nichole was excited to support Powerful Voices. Nichole says, “I give big because young people have so much power, wisdom and creativity, and can truly make the world a better place. I’m excited to support organizations that cultivate young women to be the leaders of today and tomorrow, and Powerful Voices does just that!”

Ruth said, “I’m honored to Give Big to Hugo House and Town Hall Seattle as two critical partners of SAL that I admire and profoundly respect for all that they give to our community and to our literary ecosystem. I’m also proud to Give Big to the University DistrictFood Bank, for their innovative and inspiring work to alleviate hunger. I’m so grateful for all the organizations that make our community a vibrant, just and supportive place for all of us.”

Alison was excited to GiveBIG to El Centro de la Raza “because they do everything in the Beacon Hill neighborhood from promoting civic involvement, emergency services, self-sufficiency, environmental justice, and multicultural education—they’re a great model for what community service centers should look like, and I wish there were more like El Centro in Seattle!”

Amelia said, “I give big to TeenTix because not only do they make it easy for teens to attend an unending supply of arts experiences in our community, but they also give teens a critical voice in that community, cultivating engaged, socially conscious, and passionate young arts leaders and change-makers.”


Leanne was excited to GiveBIG to Project Pilgrimage, an organization that brings together interracial and intergenerational groups, in Washington state and beyond, to study, understand, and gain inspiration from movements and individuals committed to building a more just and equitable world.


Amanda was excited to give BIG to their favorite radio station, KBCS 91.3, because it teaches them about music from all over the world. And it’s great dancing music!