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Five Questions: Lannan, SAL’s Mascot

Although she makes it look effortless, being an office dog at a literary arts organization isn’t all naps and kibbles. We sat down with Lannan, Executive Director Ruth Dickey’s new pup, to ask the real questions about life as SAL’s mascot. Here are her tips for success, along with a surprising personal motto (hint: it involves string cheese)…

1. What do you do at SAL’s office?  

Mostly I sleep under a desk, but as I get used to my new home and work, I hope to begin visiting all the desks and navigating the stairs without supervision. 

2. How’d you get the name Lannan?  

I just got adopted a few weeks ago, and my name used to be Shannon. My new humans thought it would be nice if my new name sounded similar to my prior name, and since my new job is as the mascot of a literary organization, Lannan seemed like the perfect fit.

3. What’s the last lesson you learned?  

Hmmm… that I shouldn’t eat my bed, that running down stairs isn’t such a great idea, and that I can wake up my humans by crying at any hour.

4. What’s your personal motto?   

Snuggling and string cheese make the world go round. (And buses and big trucks are really scary…)

5. Your human’s got $20 dollars and is taking you for a day about town—what would you like to do?

Oh wow, with $20 I could get several stuffed toys that squeak and an entire pack of string cheese! I’d also love a trip to the park with unlimited time for sniffing and squirrel-watching. And then a really long nap.

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