The 2019/20 Year-End WITS Digital Gallery

A digital celebration of WITS students from the 2019/20 school year.

Welcome to the 2019/20 WITS Year-End Digital Gallery!

Although we’re collectively grieving many cancellations right now, we know how important sustaining community relationships is during challenging times. Our Writers in the Schools program provides students with tools to process our world and our moment, empowering all students to cultivate and use their voices.

This multi-media gallery—alphabetized by students’ last names—commemorates the time students spent writing and creating with WITS during the truncated 2019/20 school year. This gallery is a testament to the hard work of students, writers, teachers, and school communities across the Puget Sound area. Now this work can be seen, shared, and celebrated by those we miss, care for, and wish we were closer to right now.

Written throughout K-12 Puget Sound region classrooms and at Seattle Children’s Hospital, these pieces inspire us all to notice and appreciate the world around us in new ways.

Click through the galleries below to see, hear, and read writing performed by WITS students, with special introductions from their WITS Writers-in-Residence and open letters from WITS writers to their students.

As a keepsake, you can download this collection of student writing designed in high-quality, downloadable digital posters by clicking the button below.

Download POSTERS



Whose work can I see here?

Posters and audio-video recordings are listed in alphabetical order, by each student’s last name. Here is a full list of participants:

Christian Adams, Port Townsend High School

Juliana Agudelo Ariza, McClure Middle School

Giselle Alfaro Villa (poster only), Evergreen High School

Ruby Baker, TOPS K-8 School

Dylan Black (audio), New Start High School

Bianca E. Cavalcanti, Puesta del Sol Elementary School

Lyla Clayton, Alki Elementary School

Roberto Contreras, Licton Springs K-8 School

Marian Cooke (poster only), Washington Middle School

Marc Divina (poster only), Franklin High School

Finnegan Fant, Nathan Hale High School

Ava Geary, The Center School

Robin Haney, Salish Coast Elementary School

Lorenzo Hernandez, Big Picture High School

Violet Hilgenberg, Lafayette Elementary Schools

Stella Hoffman Logan, Dearborn Elementary School

Jazee Holloway, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Vanesa Iqbal, Catharine Blaine K-8 School

Anna Johnson, B.F. Day Elementary School

Samara Kingfisher, Blue Heron Middle School

Asher McCracken, Laurelhurst Elementary School

Ava Merryman, McClure Middle School

Andreia Palanciuc, South Lake High School

Rayan Rehman, Renaissance School of Art & Reasoning

Kai Ryan, Blue Heron Middle School

Luella Seamans, Salish Coast Elementary School

Maya Smith (audio), West Seattle High School

Ebenezer Tewolde, Leschi Elementary School

Boihoa Tran, Seattle World School

William Walden, Blue Heron Middle School

Annemieke Windleharth, View Ridge Elementary School

Iris Worrall, Ballard High School

Paul Yoon, Nathan Hale High School

Can I get a copy of my student's poster?

WITS has printed posters for each family, and we will be mailing them directly to your home address. Families are welcome to download the print files and print additional copies. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

Can you tell me more about the WITS program?

SAL’s Writers in the Schools (WITS) program connects professional writers with public school classrooms throughout the Puget Sound region to elevate the expressions of all students as they discover and develop their authentic writing and performance voices. Through WITS, students become authors of their own lives. Click here to learn more.

How can I support WITS?

Now, at this crucial time, we deeply appreciate donations of any size to our Writers in the Schools program. Click here to donate.

Can you share other creative writing resources?

We have further creative writing resources for WITS students on the “Lesson Plans & Ideas” tab of our Google Drive; please check them out!

We also invite students, age 17 and under, to play Kids Summer Book Bingo. Students can spend the summer reading for the chance to win fabulous prizes! (Those who are 18 and older are welcome to participate in our Adult Summer Book Bingo program).

For young creative writers, our WITS team has also put together a WITS Writing Book Bingo board that’s filled with fun writing challenges.