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Tech Tips for Online Events

Welcome to your step-by-step guide to accessing online events with Seattle Arts & Lectures!

The SAL Box Office is always happy to assist you with any trouble you may encounter in connecting to our online events, but before you reach out, we recommend reading this troubleshooting guide first—your question is likely answered below.

Steps 1-4 will help you learn how to find your digital access password and get into the event, as well as provide tips for how to optimize your viewing experience. The FAQ section at the bottom of the article answers other event-related questions.

Find Your Event Password
Find Your Event Link
Entering Your Password
Video Settings
Other Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – Find Your Digital Access Password

You can find the password to your SAL event in one of two places:

1) If you ordered Email delivery, you can find your digital access password on your e-ticket. Your e-ticket is the PDF attachment that can be found in your event confirmation email, which you received shortly after purchasing your tickets. The subject line will be, “Your order has been submitted,” and the email will be from [email protected].

Open the PDF attachment in that confirmation email, and look for the blue box that states: “Digital Access Password” (outlined here in red).

2) The second place you can find the event password is in our pre-event reminder emails, sent two days before your event and once more, 30 minutes before your event begins.

Scroll down to the first section in that email that says “Steps to Access the Event” (outlined here in red).

If you’re having trouble finding our pre-event emails, search your inbox—including your spam or promotional tab—for the subject line: “How to Access [SPEAKER’s] Event on [SPEAKER’s Date]” from
[email protected]. Or, did a friend purchase tickets for you? Ask your friend to forward the email along!

Return to the event page on where you originally purchased tickets, which we’ll link to directly in your pre-event email, but which you can find easily through our website’s calendar.

In this example, we purchased tickets to David Mitchell’s event, so we’re going to return to his event page at to watch his event.

Step 3 – Enter in Your Digital Access Password

In the space immediately below the event title and date, you’ll see the section titled “Stream Lecture.” Enter the password where prompted—and please note, SAL passwords are all lowercase, and the password is case sensitive—so make sure you don’t have caps lock on!

The box where you enter your password will not be available until 7:30 p.m. (PST)—if you try to access the page before then, the “Stream Lecture” section will say, “The event stream will begin at 7:30 p.m. (PST).” You’ll need to refresh or reload your web page once 7:30 p.m. rolls around in order for the password box to appear.

If it’s after 7:30 p.m. (PST), and the space to enter your password has still not appeared for you, your web browser is storing an old version of the page. Fix the problem by clearing your cache—follow the steps on this webpage for your specific browser and device.

Step 4—Optimize Your Viewing Experience

Once you have access to your video and you’ve hit the “play” button, make sure you get the best experience possible! To view the highest video resolution, select the “Settings” gear icon and adjust the resolution to 1080 HD. Maximize or minimize the video by clicking the “full screen” icon on the lower righthand corner at any time. Access closed captioning by clicking the “CC” button.

We hope you enjoy your event!

Additional questions you may have:


How long do I have to watch the event, and how do I watch the event after it has passed? Can I rewatch it?

You can stop, rewind, and rewatch your event for a full week after the event is scheduled to begin. You may find the stream on the event page where you originally purchased tickets. Find the link in your pre-event email, or head to our list of archived events and scroll to find your event.


How do I watch this event on my television?

There are many different options for watching on your TV, depending on the kinds of devices you own. We recommend testing these options in advance so that you’re ready when your event is set to begin. Here are some of the ways you can watch on your TV:

  • Use an HDMI cable from your computer to TV. Most desktop and laptop computers have an HDMI port that you can connect directly to your TV. (For newer Mac laptops, HDMI ports are now included in USB multiport adaptors, rather than built into the laptop itself). Connect the HDMI to your TV prior to booting up your computer to avoid sync issues. Once connected, use your computer browser to access your SAL event, and your computer’s display will be mirrored on your TV.
  • AppleTV. “Airplay” from iOS devices or “Mirror” from your Mac browser.
  • ChromeCast. “Cast” from the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac.
  • For SmartTVs, find more information on mirroring to your specific TV at these links:FireOSRokuTV, AndroidTV


The sound isn’t working—how do I fix that?

First, make sure that the volume on your computer system or other device is turned up, and that any external speaker system you may have is not muted. Then, check that the video is unmuted by ensuring that the volume icon in the lower left-hand corner of the video is turned up.

If your volume is turned up everywhere and you’re still encountering sound issues, it’s likely your web browser is experiencing a temporary glitch. Restarting your browser and reloading the web page—or trying a different web browser—should solve the issue.


Have another issue that’s not addressed here?

If you’re still experiencing any trouble with a SAL event after reading this, please contact us at [email protected], or leave a message at 206-621-2230 x10, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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